Eensy Weensy Towel Charms

Never again spend time on your vacation, at the gym, at the pool or spa trying to remember which towel is yours!  

Introducing Eensy Weensy Towel Charms. 

The Towel Charms are designed for each guest to be able to identify his/her towel after using. Each charm can be safely attached to the towel by a colorful and safe pin. Each pin has an adorable “charm” attached.  Also, using the charms will address Covid-19 concerns. 

Do not leave home without them! 

Eensy Weensy Towel Charms 

A charming way to distinguish 

 which is your towel in the hotel, 

 at the gym, pool, and spa. 

Attach the pin with your color and charm and 

 take the guessing out.  

Each set contains five pins.